When you choose to make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to the Downtown Rep you don't just become a patron of the arts (like a Medici or something!) you become a producer of a work of art. You can sit in Hollywood coffee shops and say so loudly on the phone. We'll even back you up by putting you on the list below!


Founder's Circle:
Tommy Woodburyme
Diane and Steve Finston
Jordan Armitage

Gold Circle:
Carol A. Corbet
Coleman Lannum
Paul and Colleen Kelly-Eiding
John and Lisa Lents

Silver Circle:
Vincent Bolante
Jim Collier and Tanya Mink
Twyla Meyer and Tom Schultz
Jim Armstrong
Rick Stampler
Robert Heaton
J. Marshall Peck
LizAnne Keigley

Bronze Circle:
Gary and Marilee Falde
Nick Conedera
Michael Prussian
Jess Pestlin
Barbara Armstrong and Nancy Walters
Wilber Staunton Peck
Naomi Edlund
Leslie Reisfeld
Mary Jo Kirwan
W. Shakespeare (Anonymous Backer Pseudonym) 

Guild Circle:
Dana Wayne 
Steve Newman
Stevie Rae Dominguez
Aurora J. Long
Cindy Schmidt-Rouviere
J.T. McDaniel
Stephanie Galvan 

Special Thanks to our Sponsors from the City and County of Los Angeles and representatives thereof:
The El Pueblo Historical Monument
John Kopczynski
The Department of Cultural Affairs
Joe Smoke
Lee Sweet
The Los Angeles County Arts Comission